Custom Homebuilding & Remodeling Services

Steven West Custom Homes is now offering remodeling services as well as custom homebuilding. The company started in the 1990’s when Steven West began building homes in the Metro Atlanta suburb called St. Marlo. Homeowners loved Steve’s approach to homebuilding because he focused on creating spaces that people would actually use. Instead of building a formal living room, he might create a home office, a study, or a playroom. His open floorpans allowed for easy entertaining, and his outdoor living spaces make cooking out as enjoyable as sitting inside.

After building numerous show homes in Atlanta, Steve has been busy building custom homes and remodeling. Homeowners who value a creative approach seek out the company’s services. Haley Dickey is one of those homeowners. The company had worked with the Dickey’s several times, and when Haley decided to remodel instead of moving, she called Steven West Custom Homes. Below is a video about the renovation.