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Steven West Custom Homes, More Than A Home – A Family Heirloom

Steven West Custom Homes has become one of the most recognizable and sought after homebuilders throughout the southeast. The company is known for building the most grand and spectacular show houses in Atlanta. Steven West has always strived to be the very best in everything he does. When he began building homes in the 1990’s, he had no intention of creating the same types of homes he had seen. He focused on building homes around people’s lifestyles, and he set out to build the most stunning homes Atlanta has ever seen.

An Award Winning Builder
Steven West Custom Homes won the top honor at the Atlanta Homebuilders’ Association Awards, A 2009 Obie Award for “Best Home Over Five Million”.

“I realized homebuilding combines my artistic and creative talents with my very practical desire to design homes that give people more usable living space. My homes in St. Marlo took off so quickly because people appreciated my focus on creating homes around today’s lifestyles”, said Steven West.

Steven West Custom Homes now builds homes $600,000 and up. To see his work, visit the  portfolio  page.

Show Homes 

Sterling Hall: A magnificent estate home on West Paces Ferry Road, was opened for tours in 2010. Valerie Hoff of 11 Alive News served as the Honorary Chair. Sterling Hall features a magnificent winding staircase. Steven West enjoyed creating this home because the challenges were significant. The homeowner had a target deadline which required permitting, designing and building to be done as quickly as possible. Steve enjoyed the work because it pushed his limits both in design and in building efficiently.

Atlanta Holiday House:
One of the largest and most extravagant mansions in the Atlanta area the Atlanta Holiday House, featured 13 of Atlanta’s most distinguished interior designers. In late 2009 and early 2010, public tours of the show house raised more than $200,000 for charity. The Atlanta Holiday House garnered more media attention than any other show house in the history of the city. Steven West set out to create this masterpiece after being selected as the builder for the 2007 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House. He envisioned the house as offering a lifestyle that encouraged physical fitness, luxurious entertaining, and indulgent elegance.

The 2007 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House:
A home  on West Paces Ferry Road, built by Steven West Custom Homes was selected for holiday tours that helped to raise money for charity. Each year, the prestigious Atlanta magazine selects one home for its Christmas House. It’s a true honor for any builder to have their home selected for tours.

Steven West Custom Homes, A Focus On Creativity

“He took all my ideas and made it one hundred times better than I even imagined. I would highly recommend Steven West Custom Homes to anyone who values unique design and a creative approach.”

Haley Dickey
Haley DickeySteven West Custom Homes Client